Hi guys,

I know it´s been a long time, but I decided get back to blogging.
I was traveling a lot lately and want to share with you some of my experiences.
I visited Morocco - it was holiday with my beau and I have to tell you it was great.
To be honest I was little skeptical about going there, but in the end of the day I am very happy that we did.
We were at holiday resort in Saidia and also visited town Fes - the third largest city of Morocco.
I will post some photos of the country soon.

Here is my outfit from the day, when we arrived. I was wearing Shana shirtdress with H&M gold belt and tan ZARA bag.

xo, zia


Kirsten Schwalke said...

I wish I could go to Morocco as well one day...great pics!!
xoxo Kirsten


Monika Lackowska said...

Nice look:):)